Heartifact Studio is a small but powerful studio outside Stockholm, run by producers Oscar Björk and Hanna Olsson. The main studio is mainly focused on mixing and Audio/Video post-production. Our main room is well treated and equipped with a Powerful Imac 5k Retina. The studio has a capacity of up to 5.1 speaker setup listening with precise studio monitors from Neumann. We offer high quality recording services as well.



Camera - Sony Alpha A7-III

Camera - (360) Qoocam 8K


Camera Lenses

Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 (Architecture)

Sony FE 24-240mm f/3,5-6,3 (Video) 

- Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 (Portrait) 

- Gimbal

- Portable studio lights 

- Mixpre 10-II Portable audio recorder

- Wireless microphones 

Silent Ecoflow battery station for powering field recordings full day.   



We understand that good software is an essential part of a modern studio and here’s some we use regularly: 

Video and Photo Editing - Adobe Suite. 

Digital audio workstation
- Logic Pro X & Reaper

Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance, Sonarworks Audio Ease, Waves, Oeksound, Toontrack, Izotope, Neural DSP, and Native instruments. 




- Mix/Production

- Live Sound
- Composing
- Mastering
- Recording and editing including formats such as Ambisonics and Dolby Atmos.

- Foley and field recordings (with special expertise in impulse responses) 



- 360 Video (8k)

- 360 Photo

- Photo services with full frame camera

- Video services (up to 4K)

- Photo and video editing

Oscar Björk

Producer and Sound Technician

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Head of Production/Founder of "Echo of our time"










If you want your project to have a professional touch, don’t hesitate to contact me!


I strive to be a sound technician and producer worthy of 2021 and to exceed the high demands in modern quality of music and audio production. I have great understanding in modern media formats such as video and photo and can deliver topp quality visual content. 

I have been a musician for ten years and through my music I have gained experience and a deep understanding of taking on someone else's idea and artistic vision. There is nothing more fun than to shape a professional recording to its full potential in the recording, mixing, and production stage. 


I would describe my strength in audio production with words like modern and rich. 

With accuracy and an aspiration for an "uncompromising sound" for the projects I’m taking on, I sincerely hope that I am the right person for your project. 





Computer - Imac 27 (Intel I9, 64gb ram, ssd) 

Interfaces - RME UFX+, Focusrite Scarlett 18I20, and Mixpre-10

Monitors - Neumann KH310A, KH120A, KH80D + Sub


Guitar/Bass recording - Fractal Ax8, Evh 5050 special stealth, Mesa, Hesu, Blackstar cabinets. 


Microphones - Neumann U87Ai (stereo pair), TLM103, Sennheiser KMH8020 (stereopair), Sennheiser MD421, Shure SM7B, Rode NT5 (stereo pair) Audix D6, Shure Sm58, Shure Sm57, Rode podmic, Zylia ZM-1 (Ambisonic) and more. 

Silent Ecoflow battery station for field recordings.   

Live Sound 

Digital Mixer - Behringer x32 and X32 Rack

PA System - Mackie SRM550 + SRM1850

Hanna Olsson

Music Producer and Video Editor

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Music producer/composer








Music has been my passion for my whole life and I am a multi-instrumentalist with a great ear for compositions. I have been a lead singer and composer in a metal band (Nocean) for 7 years, I've written music for Swedish television (SVT/UR) and I am also a podcast producer. When it comes to music productions my main knowledge is in the genres acoustic pop and melodic rock/hard rock/metal.


I can assist your production in following areas:

- Video editing/Post production

- Adding synthesizer arrangements/orchestral elements to your recording

- Vocal coaching during recordings or sending feedback on your already recorded tracks

- Adding professional vocals or backing vocals to your recording
- Podcast production/editing.

I am also the owner of a Swedish video production company: Blueline Post

Please feel free to ask me questions about anything regarding what I can do for your productions: hanna@heartifactstudio.com

Kind Regards, Hanna Olsson