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Heartifact Studio is a small but powerful studio outside Stockholm, run by producers Oscar Björk and Hanna Olsson. 


The studio is mainly focused on music production and audio/video production and with expertise within convolution reverbs. 


Our main room is well treated and equipped with a powerful equipment. The studio has a capacity of up to 5.1 speaker setup listening with precise studio monitors from Neumann. We offer high quality recording services and graphic design as well.






Live sound
Recording and editing (including Ambisonic and Dolby Atmos)

Foley and field recording (with special expertise in impulse responses) 



Photo services with full frame camera

Video services (up to 4K)

Photo and video editing/color grading

360 Video (8k)

360 Photo


Web design ( or Wix)

Graphic design (posters, flyers, merchandise)

Logo design




Computer - Imac 27 (Intel I9, 64gb ram, ssd) 

Interface - RME UFX+ + Additional Preamps

Monitors - Neumann KH310A + SUB 


Microphones - Neumann U87Ai (stereo pair), Sennheiser KMH8020 (stereopair), Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser MKH421, Shure SM7B, Rode NT5 (stereo pair) Audix D6, Shure Sm58, Shure Sm57, Rode podmic, Zylia ZM-1 (Ambisonic) and more.

Live Sound 

Digital Mixer - Behringer x32 and X32 Rack + Midas DL16 Stagebox 

PA Systems - Mackie SRM, V-Class 12" with Sub, Mackie SRM550, Bose S1 Pro (battery)

We also have additional gear such as guitar amps and cabinets, instruments and most importantly: knowledge! 


Camera - Sony Alpha A7-III

Camera - (360) Qoocam 8K

Camera lenses

Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 (Architecture)

Sony FE 24-240mm f/3,5-6,3 (Video) 

- Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 (Portrait) 

- Gimbal

- Portable studio lights 

- Zoom F8n Portable audio recorder

- Wireless microphones 

Silent Ecoflow battery station for powering field recordings full day.   



We understand that good software is an essential part of a modern studio and here’s some we use regularly: 

Video and photo editing
- Adobe Suite. 

Digital audio workstation
- Logic Pro X & Reaper

Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance, Sonarworks Audio Ease, Waves, Oeksound, Toontrack, Izotope, Neural DSP, and Native instruments. 

Oscar Björk

Audio- and music producer

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Audio- and music producer










If you want your project to have a professional touch, don’t hesitate to contact me!


I have been working with sound and music production since 2015 and I allways want to exceed the high demands in modern quality of music and audio production. In 2020, I was granted support for my own project "Echo of our time" where I have been capturing high quality IR files from Swedish buildings/places. 

I have been a musician since 2011 and through my music I have gained experience and a deep understanding of taking on someone else's idea and artistic vision. There is nothing more fun than to shape a professional recording to its full potential in the recording, mixing and production stage. 


I would describe my strength in audio production with words like modern and rich. 

With accuracy and an aspiration for an "uncompromising sound" for the projects I’m taking on, I sincerely hope that I am the right person for your project. 

Contact me at oscar (at)

Hanna Olsson

Video- and music producer

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Video- and music producer








Music and video has been my passion for my whole life and I am a multi-instrumentalist with a great ear for compositions. Since 2011, I have been working as a freelance video editor/video producer and I have been a lead singer and composer in a metal band (Nocean) since 2013. I've written music for Swedish television (SVT/UR) and I am also a podcast producer. 

I can assist your production in following areas:

- Video editing/post production

- Producing a corporate film from start to finish (planning, filming, editing, grading, exporting in different formats)

- Adding synthesizer arrangements/orchestral elements to your recording

- Vocal coaching during recordings or sending feedback on your already recorded tracks

- Adding professional vocals or backing vocals to your recording
- Podcast production/editing.

- Compositions/production music for film/video/television
- Graphic design (web design, corporate logos, band merchandise, posters)

Please feel free to ask me questions about anything regarding what I can do for your productions:

Kind Regards, Hanna Olsson


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